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Life, The Universe, and Boredom

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Mark here.

I’m getting really, really bored. My life routine has been disrupted and my days are spent twiddling my thumbs and exploring just how little there is worth watching on cable.

My knee surgery was successful, and rehab is coming along nicely, so I’m optimistic about the future as far as my ability to walk is concerned. In fact, I’ve been getting out of the house between rehab trips and walking around stores to get a change of scenery and get some real world mileage on the new knee. My physical therapists tell me to always take a cane with me for safety, so I look like I’m hobbling around but I’m actually not putting any weight on the cane. My flexibility is improving with each rehab session, so I expect to have a stamp of approval from my surgeon at my next follow-up appointment.

Another reason for the boredom is that I haven’t found a way to get back into the studio to record The Daily Perspective Podcast on a regular schedule. There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. My outpatient rehab schedule changes from week to week, and I have to adjust my home exercise schedule to coordinate with the rehab schedule three days a week, and that makes it nearly impossible to keep a regular podcasting schedule.

2. Some days pain management makes it impossible to keep a clear head. I absolutely hate the prescription pain meds necessary to abate the pain, but some days, usually the days I have intense physical therapy, the soreness and other pain must be dealt with. I prefer not to touch the pain meds at all, and many days I can go all day without until bedtime and must take a pill in order to silence the pain in order to rest. On those days when pain management is necessary the side effect is mental fog, which makes it extremely difficult to focus. (You may have noticed that in the short podcast I released when I got home from the hospital.)

I’m not whining about my problems, trust me. I am very thankful for the success of the surgery and the potential for life improvement! In fact, today as I was walking around a store I realized that my new knee is such a vast improvement that now I notice just how bad my other knee is – popping and cracking as I walk, and hurting worse at times than my new knee. I had to laugh! Now I’m thinking seriously about when to schedule surgery for the other knee so I can have two good legs to stand on. It’s all good, trust me. I’m just unhappy that I can’t get back into my podcast routine and host daily live shows on Facebook. It’s something I really enjoy, and I miss the feedback from listeners.

I know all of this will pass. I’m just four weeks away from a major surgical experience and spent nine days in a hospital, and my physical therapists tell me I’m making good progress but it is also a slow process. Even though I’ve had surgery in the past and knew recovery was going to be slow I didn’t foresee the issues I’m facing this time, possibly because of how the doctors spoke of how fast I would be back on my feet and back to life as normal. The process is much faster now than in the past, but it still doesn’t happen quickly.

I write all of this to say this – I miss being with you live every morning and via the podcast feed, and as soon as it is possible to make it happen I will be back in the studio doing Facebook Live shows and posting those recordings online. Every day I try to work out a way to make this happen, and as soon as it is possible it will happen.


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