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On This Day In History, August 2, 1888

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On this day in history, August 2, 1888, Republican activist Frederick Douglass responded to a letter, from Dr. A. Shaker, about the first Black Democrat Convention that met in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. Shaker was concerned that the convention leaders would persuade more blacks to support the Democrats, instead of Republicans, during that presidential year.

During his response Douglass said, “Few things pain me more than to hear of any colored man voting the Democratic ticket. Such talk, in my mind, is high treason against the best interests of the colored race. Do they think the best way to gain their rights is to support the party that has always distinguished itself by stamping upon them?”

“Do they think that true independence is found only in perfect reliance and dependence upon the Democrat Party? Do they think the safest place, for the lamb, is in the mouth of the lion?”

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