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Has America Lost It’s Mind?

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Maybe you noticed it too.

After the 2008 presidential election it seemed that there was a wave of lunacy sweeping across America. People were embracing bizarre ideas, advocating for the previously unpopular and unaccepted, championing causes which before had been considered “fringe”.

You’re not alone. It really did happen. But these loony people and bizarre ideas had always been part of the fabric of American society, they just kept to the shadows and deep leftist online communities rather than publicly embracing extreme leftism.

What changed? What brought them out of the shadows? That’s easy: Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Obama was the perfect leftist candidate. He had the right image, handled himself well in the spotlight, and could deliver a speech every effectively. And he was black. No, that’s not a racist statement, it’s a fact, and it’s why he was chosen to run for the office.

The left knew that running Obama guaranteed them success because any argument against him could be answered with, “That’s racist!”, or “You’re a racist!”. Question his qualification: You obviously have issues with a black man becoming president. Question his connections to leftist radicals: You obviously are uncomfortable with a person of color having a different background than you. Point out his dangerous dedication to Marxist ideology which drives “community organizing”: You clearly don’t want black Americans to rise above their circumstances. Perfect. There was no way to state the truth or point out the dangers of Obama’s plans for America without being shouted down with accusations of racism, and career politicians fear nothing more than being labeled as being a racist because they know there is no defense or recovery from it in the world of politics. As long as he stuck to what they fed him on his teleprompter and didn’t go off script, Obama would usher in the transformation they so passionately hoped for.

Barack Obama was the left’s dream come true. In spite of the deeply engrained racism of leftism, the left uses race to their advantage when they wage war for political power. The left has always used race as a tool to gain power. From the days when Democrats fought to count slaves for more representation in Congress in order to protect slavery from abolishment until today, blacks in America have always been pawns for leftists. So, Obama was the perfect front man for the left’s plans to push their agenda on America. He was the Krypton which weakened the right so they could not fight back against their “transformation of the United States of America”.

Most were unaware of the leftist agenda and only understood what was happening too late. That wave of lunacy was their first clue, as it swept the nation and leftist radicals stepped out of the shadows, leftist politicians stopped pretending to be anything else, and fringe radical groups began wreaking havoc in the streets for their various causes. Suddenly, as if a gigantic switch had been thrown in some deep sub basement and a signal was sent to a an underground vault filled with hibernating lunatics, the fringe psychos were suddenly activated.

But they were always there. They were always in the background working to engage, recruit, and teach others who had leftist leanings. They were in academia lecturing young impressionable college students in the ways of leftism and condemning America from it’s founding forward as evil. They were running for office as Democrats, promising to deliver the goods for any group they could convince they were actually “victims” who deserved “justice”.  They were there waiting for the right time to step out and take over, and the election of Barack Obama was their call to arms.

The fringe left stepped from the shadows and reveled in their newfound freedom, and started shoving their delusion in the faces of anyone and everyone who disagreed with them. They pushed for passage of legislation which had failed repeatedly around the world because they knew nobody else had done things the right way. But their leader said, “We are the people we have been waiting for!”, so they knew they would be the generation to make socialism really work. They knew they were right, and in their righteousness they condemned anyone who didn’t step in line with their plans.

And so it was for eight years, as America’s credibility and strength fell on the international stage. The Obama administration ignored our constitution and played games with law to enact leftist programs and force a socialized medicine scheme on Americans, and appointed leftist judges to sway the court system and change the landscape of our society.

They knew they had finally taken control of the nation they hated and were transforming it into a globalist, socialist state in the new world order. They also knew that after eight years of Obama they would need to put another corrupt globalist in the White House.

They almost succeeded.

They were certain they could not be defeated. They ran a woman to succeed the first black president because they knew race had worked for them so gender would work equally well.

They chose the most unlikeable candidate possible to succeed to their throne, and because they now controlled the political cesspool in Washington and owned the “news” media they were supremely confident that she would simply be coronated. They ran Bernie Sanders against her to give her someone to defeat for the Democrat candidacy, but that almost went wrong because so many of the young people they had programmed with socialism gravitated toward the Socialist candidate, and that became obvious when they played the superdelegate card and cut Bernie off at the knees. It was obviously set up for Hillary Clinton to be the Democrat candidate.

They were convinced they couldn’t lose. The Hillary campaign celebrated when Donald Trump won the Republican candidacy because they knew he couldn’t possibly play the political game at their level.

Thank God they were wrong. Thank God patriots stepped forward and elected Donald Trump against the advice of the news media and the corrupt politicians who feared an outsider would pull the curtain away and expose their corruption.

Now we find ourselves watching as the news media ignores the Inspector General’s report and it’s revelations of crime in the Obama administration, instead focusing on what the leftist politicians have decided is newsworthy as they attempt to damage President Trump’s plans at the midterm election. The leftists crafted the law which is causing the border issues, but they want you to blame Trump.

The leftists lost in 2016, and because they couldn’t imagine losing they refuse to concede that they are no longer in power. Like spoiled children pitching a sustained tantrum, writhing on the floor and screaming “IMPEACH 45!!”, they are doing everything they can to sway public opinion.

And it’s working. Opinion is swaying. The left is driving people to the right, because honest people recognize a con game when they see it and want nothing to do with it. Most Americans have caught on to the left’s tactics and recognize their lies. But that hasn’t stopped them from throwing tantrums.

And that’s OK. The more they scream, the more people will move away from them. Like customers in a restaurant near an uncontrolled toddler causing a scene, honest, rational, right-minded people are moving to another table to get away from the bad behavior.

Keep it up, leftists. You’re doing an excellent job of helping Trump keep America Great in 2020.

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