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Rebooting the Reboot

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ABC has announced it is bringing back “Roseanne” without Roseanne Barr, tentatively calling the new version of the show “The Connors”. The working title may change, but you get the idea – ABC liked the ratings and revenue produced by the return of “Rosanne”, but they didn’t like Rosanne’s politics.

There couldn’t be a more perfect illustration of leftist delusion that what is happening with this project.

ABC seems to believe the audience numbers and ad revenue will remain high. The main problem with that, and it’s a rather sizable problem, is that the huge “Roseanne” audience numbers weren’t viewers who enjoy the standard liberal stories leftist writers crank out for the sitcom fare offered by the alphabet networks today. Those numbers represented viewers who were hungry for what they heard the show was going to be about; Roseanne was going to be a Trump supporter.

You can go ahead and bet money ABC won’t deliver the same type of content in “The Connors”. They’ll write a politically correct, reality disconnected, preachy and condescending show which will alienate the core “Roseanne” audience. We can know this because we know about the efforts by some on the team to “PC police” the show, and that they were shot down by Roseanne Barr. We also know this because after the first season, while Roseanne was touring Canada doing standup comedy shows, ABC stated that season two of the reboot would steer away from the very issues which brought viewers back each week for season one.

When ABC made the announcement about content change Roseanne quickly went to Twitter and contradicted the statement. Not exactly a move which would endear her to the network. ¬†They already didn’t like the fact that her show represented Trump supporters as anything other than drooling idiots, but now she was publicly correcting their efforts to neuter the show in order to calm the hyperventilating liberals who were livid about it’s departure from leftist orthodoxy.

Sadly, Roseanne unwisely gave them the excuse they needed to show her the proverbial door, and they wasted no time evicting her. Looking back, it’s pretty clear that they were probably looking for a way to terminate her and take the show over so it could be remade to conform to their worldview.

So now ABC will re-relaunch the show without Roseanne Barr. “The Connors”, or whatever it is ultimately named, may be set in the same house with most of the same characters, but it definitely will not be the same show.

And it will not have the same audience.

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