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The Progressive Fallacy of CEO Greed

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(K.R.) POLITICAL NARRATIVE: CEO pay is out of control. The average CEO now makes $15 million in overall compensation, or as much as 400 workers!

REALITY: This is one of the most misleading of all narratives in the media. Why? Because they’re only looking at the top 100 CEOs in the whole country. We have 225,000 CEOs in America. The media is only looking at the top 0.04% of all CEOs.

If, on the other hand, you look at ALL CEOs, their average earnings are $194,000. About the same as a pediatrician. In fact, you could take all wages for all CEOs in America, divide it up and give it to the rest of the workers, and it’d only amount to a 16¢ per hour raise.

Likewise, the narrative that CEOs make millions in stock options is also only talking about the top few hundred CEOs, not the other 225,000 CEOs in America, 98% of whom work for companies that don’t have public stock and aren’t worth enough to give out million dollar stock options.

And since the median salary of ALL jobs in America is $37,045, the actual CEO-to-employee earnings ratio is 5-to-1, not 400-to-1. But that wouldn’t make such a divisive story, would it?

SOURCES: http://www.equilar.com/reports/46-equilar-100-highest-paid-ceos-2017.html

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