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The Net Neutrality Scam

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Reminder: When DC Democrats are fighting for something you can be sure what they’re fighting for will be bad for our country. Their track record says everything. For example: Obamacare. Yes, the people who gave you Obamacare, which drove healthcare costs to the highest levels in history and made getting coverage confusing and expensive, are fighting for “net neutrality”.

  Do your homework. There’s been no need for this legislation. Ever. We’ve never had any of the issues politicians tell us will happen if this legislation is not passed. Progressives are using fear of a “technology boogeyman” to push for something which is not needed, and people who still trust these manipulative con artists are taking the bait.  

The businesses these “progressives” claim will victimize their customers have had plenty of opportunity to do so but haven’t. Why not? Because they’re in the real world of business and know that price gouging or throttling service will hurt their bottom line, not help it.  

Also, we can see clearly from history that when government gets involved innovation withers. So far every development and advance in the world of internet technology has been made by entrepreneurs seeking to create a better way to do things in an open and free marketplace which will reward them with financial growth, and the result has been breathtaking improvement in every aspect of communication tech. It wasn’t long ago that watching video on a handheld device was science fiction, but today we take it for granted – and it was the free market that made that possible.  

Today more than 50% of radio listening in Europe is digital. In England there is chatter about pushing for the elimination of analogue broadcasting (this won’t happen anytime soon because too many people still own analogue radios, etc.). This has happened due to free market R&D which has made ongoing breakthroughs in how content is delivered. You watch and listen to digital content every day, and that’s possible because the free market is just that – free, free to push forward and develop new technology without cumbersome government mandates which would drastically slow progress.  

If you’ve been to the movies lately odds are the film you saw was delivered to the theater digitally. Film canisters being shipped around the country to theaters is almost completely a thing of the past. You may watch movies in HD on Netflix or Amazon, delivered digitally to your home, in some cases over the same lines once used for your home telephone service.  

Speaking of home telephone service, 50.8% of Americans (as of May 2017) no longer use analogue landline service for their home telephone needs. They’re using cell phones or digital phone service provided by a cable company. You’re probably among that number. This technology has improved dramatically over the past decade, in the private sector, without need for government involvement.  

Radio stations now deliver their programming digitally via HD Radio and mobile apps. Stations also use digital technology for broadcasting from remote locations using either cell phone technology or connecting to the internet via computer networking (LAN) equipment. Also, radio studios often connect to their terrestrial transmitter sites via the internet. Digital communication technology has accelerated forward in recent years, all spurred by the free market of ideas and opportunity.  

Allowing government to treat the internet as a utility is a colossal mistake. Innovation and breakthroughs will wither and die. Regulation by the least inventive, government “experts”, will kill development. Instead of moving forward as quickly as it has in recent years, technology will slow down and services will become  less reliable.

Amtrak. The Veterans Administration. The US Postal Service. The Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Internal Revenue Service. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). We do not want the people responsible for these disastrous things to have control over how we acquire information.

The internet isn’t a utility like water or electricity, it is an information exchange. Government should NEVER be allowed to control the flow of information. We see not only from history but from contemporary examples in China, North Korea, and other oppressive nations that when government can, it will use that control to keep people from being informed.

If you don’t believe that could happen in America, you should use the internet to do some research. While you still can.

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