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The Blindness That Is Progressive Thought: Guns & The NRA

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For a long time now the NRA has fought to preserve the constitutionally protected right of Americans to keep and bear arms as a militia to resist the power of corrupt government. That’s what the 2nd Amendment is actually for – not hunting or basic personal protection, those are just side benefits of the right to own and carry a firearm.

Part of this ongoing battle has been to point out that the same Hollywood which marches out actors to condemn personal gun ownership is also making unbelievable piles of cash employing scenarios such as using guns for revenge, using guns in gang wars, using guns against superheroes or aliens, or defending family and home with guns as plot devices in their films. Among these, Hollywood uses the “good guy with a gun vs. bad guy with a gun” plot device very successfully.

In a twisted opinion piece in the Economist’s online 1843 Magazine, critic Nicholas Barber takes Hollywood to task for this, but because he is a “progressive” and has completely bought the progressive opinion that guns and the NRA are evil, blames the NRA for Hollywood’s obsession with guns. He also indicates that NRA members should be very happy with such films as “Death Wish”, and “A Quiet Place”, because the “good guy (or girl) with a gun” premise is what drives each film. Oh, and the central characters are white.

Frankly, this is deeply delusional. But that should not be surprising when you consider it’s coming from a progressive.

No decent human being would condone the plot of “Death Wish”, in which Bruce Willis’ character becomes a vigilante and executes his own justice in response to his family being harmed. Many would sympathize with his pain, but not his actions. To attribute such sick behavior to average NRA members or that NRA members would condone such behavior is twisted.

“A Quiet Place” is a post-apocalyptic alien invasion thriller in which a family must survive by not being found by the alien invaders which decimated the planet and consumed most of mankind. Yes, you are correct, it is science fiction. The key word is “fiction”. But what bothers Barber is the use of a shotgun by the family to fight off the aliens. A shotgun – the very thing good ole Joe Biden told Americans to buy for home defense – is the problem with this film. And the family’s skin color.

Barber makes some wildly off base assertions, including this:

“One of the fondest fantasies of Second Amendment obsessives is that a private citizen with a box of ammunition could fend off the US Army, should the need arise, and that fantasy is endorsed by “A Quiet Place”, in which gun-toting farmers fare better against the aliens than the entire American war machine. Defenders of the right to bear arms will also see flattering reflections of themselves in the film’s heroes, a photogenic white family that lives on a backwoods farm. “

Barber believes 2nd Amendment supporters (or “obsessives”, as he calls them) fantasize about fending off the U.S. Army, which is completely insane. Contact as many NRA members as you can today and ask each of them if they have EVER thought of fighting off the U.S. military. He has no idea what any NRA member thinks or why they became members, because he clearly doesn’t know any NRA members. If he did, and he bothered to ask them about this idea, he would quickly learn that the purpose of the NRA, in part, is to keep our nation from becoming a place where the government can move against the people in that way. That is done in the halls of government, not hunkered down in a bunker under your house. If our government ever becomes strong enough to disarm the people, we are lost as a nation.

Barber is also a racist, compelled to point out that “Defenders of the right to bear arms will also see flattering reflections of themselves in the film’s heroes, a photogenic white family that lives on a backwoods farm. ” Would he have written the same assessment of a black, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American family? No, he would not. But because the family is white, which was Hollywood’s choice because that would appeal to the highest number of potential ticket buyers, the NRA should be pleased. Barber would probably be shocked to learn that the membership of the NRA is comprised of all races, but that’s an inconvenient fact he would obviously not wish know.

Nicholas Barber represents the mainstream of progressive thinking. He believes anyone who disagrees with his worldview is a knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, uneducated hillbilly and should not be allowed to express an opinion because what they think is dangerously out of step with what the enlightened progressives believe. For progressives this is akin to religion, and anyone who doesn’t accept their belief is a fool and thus their opinions aren’t worthy of any attention.

Those of us who live in the real world know better.

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