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Census Double Talk

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In recent days we’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about President Trump reinstating a question in the census which asks if the person being surveyed is a U.S. citizen or not. To rational, reasonable people who grasp the importance of our government knowing such things this makes perfect sense. The benefits of relief services, voting, etc., should belong to citizens and not those who aren’t. No sane person would believe someone who is in our country illegally should be allowed to vote.

It goes deeper than that. State representation in the House is based upon population, so the more people there are in your state the more representatives your state has in Congress. Every state gets two senators, but representation in the House is based upon population numbers gathered by the census. This may seem like a minor issue, but to progressives this is a vital tool in shaping our society.

“But how can a few million illegals spread across the nation make a difference?”, you may ask. Well, this is how: Let’s say your state is on the verge of getting another representative, and only a few thousand more residents will tip the scales to get that additional representative. If illegals can be counted as valid residents then you may just get that representative, even though those illegals aren’t citizens of our nation. That additional representative, coming from a state friendly to illegals, such as California or New York, or any other “sanctuary state”, will vote against constitutional principles and for progressive changes which have already proven to be disastrous every time they are implemented. This will hinder conservative efforts by your conservative representatives and senators, as well as efforts by the president to effect positive policies to repair the damage done by progressives during the Obama administration and before. Also, it would give progressives more power in their efforts to undermine the president and possibly impeach him on completely groundless charges.

This same issue was in play during our early days when Republicans sought to abolish slavery. Democrats from southern states denied slaves many human rights but demanded that they be fully counted as citizens in order to gain more representation on Congress. They didn’t care about them as human beings, considered them to be property like livestock, but knew their numbers meant political power in Washington. Republicans, knowing that Democrats didn’t consider slaves to be of any value but as livestock to work their plantations, argued that since this was the case that Democrats could not fully count slaves as residents, thus denying Democrats more representation in Congress which would have entrenched slavery in our nation for much longer, thus weakening Democrat power and setting the stage for abolition of slavery years later. (Note: When your liberal friends point to this and tell you Republicans didn’t consider slaves to be fully human, or “only 3/5 of a person”, remind them that Republicans didn’t believe this, but knew Democrats did, and the Democrats AGREED to it.)

Illegals in our nation are today’s Democrat slave numbers. They seek to use them for political power in order to change the course of our nation away from the values which abolished slavery and toward socialist totalitarianism.

So, reinstating that question to the census is important to our nation’s future. Progressives fighting against it are fighting for power and control, not for the downtrodden people groups they claim to champion.

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