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Net Neutrality: Yet Another Case of Liberals Getting It Wrong

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Your liberal friends are probably posting links about the evil Trump administration destroying “net neutrality”. As is usually the case, your liberal friends have been drinking the leftist Kool-Ade rather than actually doing their homework.

“Net neutrality” sounds like a good idea at first, but that warm fuzzy feeling starts getting chilly when we cash a reality check. The idea is that government should regulate the Internet to protect consumers from being gouged unfairly for services by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and that without such regulation ISPs can charge some people much higher fees for the same services provided to others at lower pricing, or restrict access speeds to some but not others, discriminating against certain information outlets rather than allowing the playing field to be level. But (and when dealing with liberal concepts there’s always a “but”) the free market has always proven to be much better at policing consumer issues than clunky and disconnected government agencies which always slow progress and innovation. Just ask a veteran about health care, or spend an afternoon at the DMV. Hello?

All that’s required to blow net neutrality away is a little common sense. (That’s probably why liberals have so much trouble getting a grip on it.) Think about it:

If a business charges customers unfairly for services will they keep customers or lose them to a competitor?

If a business provides poor service when a competitor provides better service which business will grow?

If customers don’t like the internet packages offered by Company A, will they keep paying for those services or move to Company B which has packages which better fit their needs?

Of course, in some areas there aren’t options, as only a single provider is available. That’s an unfortunate reality. But even government regulation wouldn’t make that provider any better, and would probably require them to raise their rates to cover for the extra financial burden of hiring employees to manage compliance with federal regulation.

And that’s where it all starts falling apart. When we look at the success rate of government programs when compared to the free market we see that the free market always wins while government loses. Examples are abundant, so you can look them up for yourself (Try AMTRAK for starters). Government isn’t in business and has no fear of losing a customer base because it is funded by tax dollars, which government requires rather than earns by being good at what they do. Government employees earn roughly twice the amount private sector workers do for the same type of job, yet most would have serious trouble competing one on one with private sector workers when it comes to productivity. Government is a gigantic, lethargic, inefficient and burdensome creature that could never survive if it were required to compete with the free market.

But liberals want government to regulate our Internet access. After all government is doing such an awesome job with the Veteran’s Administration, AMTRAK, and other agencies. And of course all Americans are thrilled with how they were able to keep their doctors and health care coverage and saving $2500 per year on their health care costs… Oh wait…

But that doesn’t stop Social Justice Warriors from waging war for net neutrality.

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