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GAH!!! Will Liberal Stupidity EVER End??

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*SIGH* Liberals can be so clueless. Wait, yes that is obvious – but just look at this diagram. It just may be the dumbest thing you’ll see today. But it’s early.
The obvious answer is: “Determine the motive and take appropriate legal action.” But liberals can’t be bothered with the obvious when their bizarre need to condemn what doesn’t fit their various narratives must be satisfied.
When we extend “thoughts and prayers” to those touched by tragedy it never – NEVER – means we aren’t going to dig into what happened and why and take action to make changes necessary to prevent such tragedies from happening again. It just means we stand alongside those in pain and share their grief in that moment. It’s called “compassion”, and it doesn’t mean we’re giving a pass to someone who did something horrific.
When it comes to the Texas church shooting, the liberal press initially jumped on a rumor that the shooter “taught Bible lessons”, which turned out to be completely false but fit the deep liberal desire that all such criminals be white right-wingers and not what they always are; crazed leftists. The shooter was a raving atheist liberal who hated Christians, had deep mental issues, and was able to purchase weapons legally because liberal gun control policies were botched. We know the “why” and the “how”. It had nothing to do with race or nationality, but with a failure of a system liberals demanded. The shooter was mentally deranged, had threatened to kill military superiors, had escaped from a mental institution, had physically abused animals (some sources say he even purchased animals on Craigslist which he would then abuse and kill), and had violently abused his first wife and child – all of which disqualified him from legal gun ownership, but his transgressions were never reported to the FBI so he passed background checks. But the press desperately wanted him to be a Trump supporting Bible teacher.
As for the Las Vegas shooter, we STILL don’t really know the “why” or the “how”. We know what happened, but we don’t know what motivated him to kill people or how he managed to get all those rifles into his hotel suite without anyone noticing. Liberals immediately jumped on gun control as a solution for stopping things like this from happening, but if we don’t answer the why and how we don’t really know what needs to be done to stop it from happening again. This guy could easily have planted a bomb in a car or truck nearby. He could have plowed into the crowd with a truck. He was a pilot and had two planes, so he could have flown one of his planes into the concert venue. Rather than taking any of these options he holed up in a 32nd floor hotel suite and fired into the concert crowd. Why? That question MUST be answered if we are to prevent future reocurrences.
But liberals want action and they want it now. They want guilt assigned and they want it now. They want to solve this problem and they want it done now. They’re that person in the staff meeting completely stuck on assigning blame for a problem rather than solving what caused it to happen so it won’t happen again, completely ignoring the fact that responsibility will be dealt with at the appropriate time and that time is not right now because first the problem area must be fixed or everyone will be unemployed. Like impatient children they demand and demand, and when the real world and the way things really work get in their way, they start making absurd accusations like the one in this diagram.
Time and time again the measures proposed by liberals for gun control have been tried and failed. They demand new laws, harsher restrictions on gun ownership, banishment of guns from places, and other measures which only serve to inconvenience people who obey laws but don’t impact people who don’t obey laws. What they want to do is essentially like reducing speed limits on interstate highways to 35 MPH to reduce accidents, completely ignoring the fact that people who ignore the 65 and 70 MPH signs are also going to ignore the 35 MPH signs. What makes those people slow down is enforcement, not the signs. When enough people pay high fines for speeding the word spreads and more speeders slow down. Even then there will always be speeders who continue to ignore the limits.  What will reduce gun crime is also enforcement of the laws which already exist. Had this been done by the Air Force and the Texas shooter’s activity reported to the FBI then he wouldn’t have been able to legally acquire his firearms. Law was not enforced, and people died. But, as with the speed limit analogy, there will always be people who disregard the law. People who want guns will always find them, even if gun ownership is made a federal crime and all guns are taken from citizens. This has been and is the case everywhere strict gun controls are enacted, but liberals ignore this fact when arguing for tighter gun regulation.

The thoughtless and simplistic diagram being shared by liberals portrays conservative responses to murder as stupid and racist. In truth, it is liberal hyperbole and juvenile insult which is stupid, and racism is alive and well in the heart of liberalism.

As Forrest Gump’s mother wisely said, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

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