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Hello! Mark here.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, to keep an eye on what Barack Obama’s propaganda machine is telling the faithful I subscribe to the Organizing for Action email list. It’s pretty enlightening sometimes, and infuriating at others. The complete disconnect from truth is discouraging, and it’s upsetting to know that people willingly believe whatever OFA dishes out without question.

Today is another example. In response to President Trump fulfilling his campaign promise, and the desire of most Americans, to repeal and replace the deeply flawed and unconstitutional Obamacare health care coverage system Trump has taken a couple of very positive steps to correct basic flaws with the system. You would think he shot JFK. Here’s the email I received from OFA today, with my comments mized in:


Organizing for Action
Mark —

This is the worst thing this administration has done on health care yet, and millions of Americans need your help.

By refusing to pay cost-sharing reduction payments — critical subsidies for Obamacare — the administration is aiming to badly damage insurance, raising premiums on American families and possibly leaving a number of folks without options for insurance.

[Bald-faced lie #1. That isn’t what’s happening. The aim is to correct the illegal act of funding the failing Obamacare system with money not approved constitutionally by Congress. The vast majority of people who may possibly lose coverage didn’t have coverage before the law was passed because they chose not to pay for it, but were forced by the law to buy it.]

It’s an act of pure malice, plain and simple. A decision made solely out of spite following their failure to repeal the law. It’s going to harm millions of both sick and healthy people.

[Bald-faced lie #2. There is nothing malicious or spiteful about what is happening. It is the correction of illegal moves made by the Obama administration. No one will be harmed.]

There are public policies that reasonable people disagree on. Funding these payments is not one of them.

[Bald-faced lie #3. Obamacare was passed without a single Republican vote. Democrats sought to enact an illegal system, then pay for it’s shortcomings illegally. There is nothing reasonable about their railroading the nation and requiring Americans to purchase a product with the threat of legal action and possible financial punishment for not doing so.]
Here’s the important news:

It’s not too late. Congress can step in and fund these payments, but we have to demand action. OFA’s call tool will connect you to a senator in seconds — call now.

Their plan is as simple as it is shameful: chase insurers out of the marketplace and force Obamacare’s collapse.

[Bald-faced lie #4. This is almost hilarious! No insurers need to be chased from the marketplace because insurers have been abandoning it left and right because the system is deeply flawed and has never worked properly. It is and always has been a disaster and insurance companies only participated because Obama paid them with illegal subsidies.]

It’s not what the American people want.

The American people overwhelmingly want to keep Obamacare and they overwhelmingly want Congress to work together on bipartisan solutions to improve the law.

[Bald-faced lies #5 & #6. Ask your neighbors how much more their insurance plan costs now than it did before Obamacare was passed. (My coverage more than doubled in cost, and the deductible skyrocketed) Across America are stories of families whose insurance costs have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled under Obamacare. They were lied to about keeping their doctor and their plan. Very few want to keep Obamacare because it was always a lie and is a monumental failure on every level. The people voted for Trump because they wanted Obamacare dismantled and they wanted sane, affordable health care coverage again.]

Congress needs to act immediately. It’s time to take over the phone lines again — use OFA’s call tool to get in touch with a key senator right now:

Make the call

[Links disabled for your protection.]

Thank you,


Andy Slavitt
Former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

[Andy Slavitt was nominated by Barack Obama to run CMS in July 2015. He was also part of the team that repaired the deeply dysfunctional¬†healthcare.gov website. Of course he’s defending Obamacare – he’s part of the problem.]
The hysteria is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Don’t believe any of the hype for a second. It’s all about Democrat/Socialist power and control over a huge segment of our economy at the cost of the people and their health care. It’s insidious, and it needs to be dismantled and burned with fire.
Remember: Obamacare’s purpose was to be a failure so government, under the leadership of “progressives”, could sweep in and rescue Americans with a single-payer health care system. This is why the Democrat party was so invested in Hillary Clinton. During her husband’s administration (way back before Harvey Weinstein overshadowed his sexual escapades) she tried to institute what was labeled “Hillarycare”, a government health care solution which was overwhelmingly rejected. But in their eyes the time was right for single payer to rise from the ashes, and Obamacare was the plan for ushering it in. They were so confident that there was no way Hillary could be defeated that she didn’t prepare a concession speech and was intoxicated on election night, unable to make an appearance to concede the election herself. As far as they were concerned it was a done deal.

Well, it wasn’t a done deal because the people elected Donald Trump. We didn’t want Hillary or the “progressive” programs she would enact which would cripple our economy and reduce our excellent health care system to the level of the horrible European system.

Things are moving in the right direction. Now is the time to contact your representative and Senator and tell them to help President Trump dismantle Obama’s socialist health care system failure and strike down the barriers to truly affordable and higher quality care.
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