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Dear Jake Tapper: Grow a Brain, Please

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I mean, seriously, it’s hard to believe members of the leftist press think the way they think. When a liberal whackadoodle like Jake Tapper (Yes, yes, I said “whackadoodle”, and I’m not taking it back.) plays the “partisanship” card in a situation like the Weinstein story you just have to scratch your head and wonder how they manage to make it to work each day without being confused by traffic signals.

Of course the Weinstein story is partisan. He was a HEAVY donor to “progressive” political causes. He was the darling of the liberal political establishment because of his money. In fact, liberal politicians most likely knew the stories of his sexual escapades and decided to ignore them because of his money. All that lovely, tasty, marvelous money to feed their re-election campaign coffers. It was yummy.

Chalk up another one for “integrity”.

Look, when Seth McFarlane makes a joke at the Oscars about actresses feigning attraction to Weinstein in order to get ahead in Hollywood and the room responds in laughter, EVERYBODY KNOWS. So it isn’t a huge leap to conclude that the stories have made their way from the left coast to the East coast and into the swampland of Washington, DC, where such antics have been known and covered up for many decades. So, it makes perfect sense that the DC swamp creatures would know of Weinstein’s disgusting antics and be chummy with him because he – and his celebrity friends – would be good for promoting political agendas.

This is an ecosystem the average American has difficulty grasping because it goes against the grain of everything we are taught about acceptable behavior. There is so much wrong we just can’t get past the sheer absurdity of it – but it’s still true. In the Hollywood/DC ecosystem favors and dirt open doors and lubricate negotiations, and what you know isn’t as important about who you know – and what you know about them. It’s an underworld rife with corruption and deception, and a West/East marriage made in Hell.

So, the next time some Hollywood star, TV personality, or music industry icon takes time in the spotlight to express their political opinion or endorse a leftist politician, remember how chummy liberal politicians are with scum like Harvey Weinstein.


Tapper: Must even sexual predators be viewed through a partisan lens?


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