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Democrat Charlie Rangel Says Law Abiding Citizens Don’t Need Guns

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In a statement which reveals the true mentality of the leftist Democrat party, congressional house Democrat Charlie Rangel says you and I don’t need guns, but he and his fellow members of government (the rulership class) should have armed security. This view, which has no foundation in reality, is common among liberals.

The “logic” is that if you’re a law-abiding citizen you aren’t going to be in danger because you aren’t engaging in any dangerous activities which would require you to use a firearm to defend yourself. This completely ignores the fact that it isn’t lawful people or activities which present a danger, it’s those who aren’t law-abiding people who engage in unlawful activities and prey on those who are defenseless. While the “c’mon, nobody really needs a gun” rationale may appeal emotionally, it falls flat when we remember that criminals have no regard for the laws which government says protect us.

Basically, political weasels like Rangel are playing a dangerous con game with the American people. They know full well that dangerous people do dangerous things to those who are defenseless. That’s why political weasels have armed guards.

Democrat Charlie Rangel Says Law-Abiding Citizens Don’t Need Guns


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