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The UN Sees High Probability of “Civil Conflict” in The USA

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The United Nations. The international club of political corruption and deception.

The UN has always been a leftist organization. People around the globe tell stories of what really happens when the blue helmets of UN troops arrive to “help”, and those stories aren’t pretty.

Now the UN is telling the world that the United States is in danger of civil conflicts due to an alarming rise of racism. It appears that the clash in Charlottesville, VA has convinced the “experts” at the UN that racism is on the rise and Americans are in danger.

That’s odd. The United States has a population of over 326 million, and there are only between 5, 000 and 8,000 KKK members. The KKK represents only 0.00199% of our population – less than two thousandths of one percent. Also, when you ask most people about their relationships with people of different races and skin colors they will honestly tell you they don’t know of any racism in their social groups. So it can’t be only the KKK that’s causing concern. What could it be?

There are a couple of answers.

One is unfounded claims and accusations of racism made by leftist agitators and anarchists seeking to destabilize our society with the goal of forcing socialism upon us. No, this isn’t tinfoil hat conspiracy theory material, we’ve seen these things happen before revolutions in other countries so we know their tactics. The leftists are trying to topple America from within. Antifa is just the most recent incarnation of this effort, employing tactics we saw during the rise of Nazism in Germany. We recognize them for what they are – Lenin’s “useful idiots”.

Another answer is the UN is categorizing resistance to Islamic “refugees” and illegal immigrants as “racism”. Because we are resisting the failed concept of globalism and standing up for America, the globalists at the UN are trying to convince the rest of the world that this is because we are racists. Just like certain agitators in America use the “R” word to damage the reputations of those who will not conform, international agitators will express concern over increased “racism” in order to convince the world that the reason we won’t welcome killers, rapists and terrorists with open arms is because we hate everyone but white Americans. This is a nasty tactic, but it is one with a long track record.

The United Nations does not have the best interests of the American people in mind. The last thing we need to do is allow the UN to influence our policy.

UN Sees High Probability of “Civil Conflict” in The USA


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