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Michael Moore: Village Idiot on Broadway

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Michael Moore, that wealthy leftist elitist with the mansions and perpetual grudge against anything conservative, has taken his twisted view of life to Broadway. Don’t be fooled by his baseball cap and “regular guy” clothes, Moore has money. Lots and lots of money. He’s just like most of the liberal elite; he’s rich, lives in luxury, made every dime off the capitalist system he criticizes, and hates everything about America except the money it makes for him.

In short, he’s a filthy hypocrite.

His most recent film, “Where to Invade Next”, is a box office black hole. Nobody but his most ardent, delusional fans cared to see it. Americans, the people who decided it was time to put a non-politician in the Oval Office, don’t have time for Moore’s communist propaganda.

This includes the leftist press. That’s surprising, considering how they tend to circle the wagons and defend their own, but in the case of Michael Moore’s Broadway play they’re expressing a good deal of fatigue with his self-aggrandizement. He’s finally overstayed his welcome.


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