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Blue Lives Matter

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From time to time on the show we talk about police training and why officers draw and fire their sidearms, and why liberals so frequently condemn police when they fire on citizens. We have talked about the various scenarios which play out during the day of a police officer and how incredibly quickly things can go tragically wrong for them. This is why they are trained to make split-second decisions in the field which the average armchair-quarterbacking know-it-all liberal can’t understand.

Please be aware that this video is disturbing. It shows one such scenario, as a criminal draws and fires on an officer without even stopping his phone conversation. This is just one example of why police officers are trained to assess and act quickly, and why they fire on people who don’t comply with their direction to “show me your hands – keep them where I can see them”, “put the gun down, put it down right now and step away from it”, “please stay in your vehicle”, and other such orders.

VIDEO: Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith Gunned Down By Man Who Doesn’t Even Stop Phone Call

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