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Cultural Appropriation: The Lie

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We’ve mentioned this article on the show a couple of times when discussing the latest SJW brainfart about “cultural appropriation”. The snowflake brigade gets seriously bent out of shape when people innocently enjoy and appreciate food, fashion, or anything else from another culture because somehow in their twisted little brains that’s stealing from those other cultures.

Yeah, it’s crazy. But such is life in the “progressive” bubble.

So, about the article –

A Utah mom inadvertently sparked a fire when she threw a Japanese-themed birthday party for her daughter, Caitlyn, and posted about it on her blog. Tumblr somehow got a hold of it, and some users started dragging the mom for encouraging racism. One commentator, who happened to be Japanese, however, came in to set the record straight, and it was pretty much the mic drop of the century.

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