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Al Gore: Serial Huckster

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Al Gore, former Vice President and poster child for the “manmade climate change” con game, participated in  a CNN town hall and declared that the climate change agenda was a moral issue, a case of “what is right or wrong”, like the civil rights movement. Oh really?

Excuse us, but when we look at scientific studies – REAL scientific studies, not the IPCC’s fraudulent reports based on old computer models and tweaked temperature reports – there is no support for Gore’s claims. In fact, real scientists (those not being paid through grants from groups seeking proof of manmade climate change) can’t find enough data to support Gore’s assertions. If he’s going to claim that embracing the climate change agenda is doing what is “right”, then there needs to be some real substance to his claims. That is, unless he’s just running a huge con game. Justsayin…

Also, during this town hall he was challenged by the mayor of an island town which is suffering from erosion caused by wave action (we posted this story on Facebook earlier this morning) and Mr. Gore treated the mayor with condescension, implying that he was too dumb to grasp all the super-sciency words and stuff. This is a typical tactic of global warming/climate change advocates. They imply that this is all complex scientific information that’s beyond the comprehension of anyone who challenges them.

That’s not elitist at all. Right?

Take a few minutes and check out this article on Gore’s CNN town hall appearance.

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