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*sigh* There They Go Again….

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Mark here – I’ve told you before that I’m on the Organizing for America email list. I subscribed just to see what the ultra-leftists at Obama’s propaganda distributor are saying to their followers about various things happening in our country. It can be….interesting.

Here’s the latest, with my comments afterward:

Where do we begin? How about here:

“The fact that it failed is an undeniable testament to you. To the calls you made, the letters you wrote, the rallies you attended. To the mantra we always believed in during the Obama administration: One voice can change a room.”

Uhhh… No. OFA supporters had nothing to do with how this vote turned out. Why? Because the politicians in the pockets of the OFA were already set against it and required no persuasion from angry voters. The Democrats voted in lockstep against it, and were never going to vote any other way. OFA also had zero influence over the Republicans who voted against it, because those Republicans are predictably liberal and could not be counted on to vote with the rest of the Republicans anyway. So, OFA made zero impact on the vote whatsoever.


“But we got to this moment, quite simply, because every part of this process was wrong — and understanding that will help us with an equally important question: What comes next?

There’s only one answer: We work together to make people’s lives better.”

We got to this moment because the Democrats lied to the American People about every aspect of Obamacare. Don’t ever forget, “If you like you doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan you can keep your plan. Americans will save $2500 per year on their healthcare coverage.” What comes next should be a total repeal of the lie that is the “Affordable Care Act”, and the reinstatement of freedom of choice rather than socialist manipulation. The Democrats, and key Republicans, have proven that they can not be trusted to look after the best interests of Americans because they are more concerned with their own power and control. Unless we stand together and demand their compliance with the will of the people and the law of our land they will destroy the finest health care system in the world in the name of a lie.

“They wanted to draft the bill in secret committees and back rooms. Now is the time for transparency, debate, and an open process that seeks bipartisan solutions.”

Remember – “We have to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in the bill.” The Democrats ramrodded Obamacare through against the will of the majority of Americans, doing deals in secret, rewriting the law on the fly, changing provisions after it had been passed. There is nothing transparent or bipartisan about what they want. Their lust for power and control won’t allow them to be honest with the people.

“Here’s what cannot happen next: an administration scheming to sabotage Obamacare, rooting for the failure of markets and pulling resources away that could help Americans get the relief they need.”

Obamacare doesn’t need to be sabotaged. It just needs to be allowed to run itself into the ground. It is a monumental failure and is dying a miserable death without a single Republican lifting a finger to nudge it toward the the grim reaper. In fact, it was designed that way from the start so that leftist politicians could step in as it failed, blame the insurance industry and their political opponents for it’s demise, and “rescue” the people with a single payer system. It has always been about ushering in single payer. Always. Also, there has never been an effort to pull resources away from Americans needing health care. There already was health care for anyone who needed it available in every city, but not everyone bought insurance coverage. Obamacare was touted as help for those without coverage, but many chose not to have it – and Obamacare forced them to buy it or pay a penalty, incurring expenses they previously chose not to incur. Actually, millions chose to pay the penalty rather than buy the coverage because that was less expensive until the penalty was increased. If Obamacare was so great, then why didn’t these people flock to buy it? Because they didn’t want it at any price, but were forced by law to buy it.

“It must be a real and honest attempt to help all Americans get access to quality, affordable health care.”

It hasn’t been real and honest up until now, so what changed? Everything about Obamacare has been dishonest, and not truly affordable unless subsidized by the government – which gets it’s money from taxpayers. As for the quality, it’s a testament to our health care industry that it has managed to maintain as much quality as it has under the oppression of overbearing government regulation imposed by Obamacare, but bureaucratic meddling has had negative impact on the quality of care we once enjoyed. Ask a doctor how much more time they spend on paperwork just to satisfy government requirements which changes nothing about the care they provide, how much more it costs them to manage the added burden, and how much less time they have to give each patient. If you have ever felt like an insurance policy number rather than a patient, this is why. I recently spoke with an orthopedics device provider. He told me that one day he was curious about how much more paperwork he was required to do because of Obamacare, so he put one of his braces on a scale and weighed it, then weighed the stack of paperwork Obamacare requires to provide that brace to a patient – which is considerably more than before Obamacare. The paperwork weighed more than the brace.

Organizing for Action is once again misrepresenting the reality of a situation. They are a propaganda outlet, peddling false information to anyone who will accept it, nothing more.

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