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Tolerance? What Tolerance?

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One would think that in an enlightened, educated, informed society that people of differing backgrounds and opinions would be tolerant and seek to understand one another. And this is true, because reasonable, rational, intelligent, tolerant people do treat each other with respect even when they disagree sharply on issues because they know the importance of seeking common ground.

Of course, people must be truly tolerant to accomplish this. Sadly, true tolerance doesn't exist on the liberal fringe of society. What you find there is lip service to tolerance backed by raw intolerance driven by hatred.

For example, take the case of the Christian pastor who stands by his convictions about homosexuality, which he believes is a sin (a life practice which is contrary to the way life was designed by God and thus is harmful to those who engage in it because it distracts from true fulfillment which is only found in life as God designed it to be lived). He apparently can't be allowed to have a worldview which contradicts with the homosexual worldview, so he and his family must be threatened into submission in disgusting and dangerous ways. After all, he's the intolerant one.

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