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Dear Lady Gaga: Shut Up & Sing

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Lady Gaga apparently doesn’t realize she made President Trump’s point for him when she took to Twitter in defense of transgendered individuals in the military.

Those who are so mentally unstable as to attempt suicide are already excluded from military service, and when you add deep identity issues to the mix the instability is even more volatile. As we showed previously, you can be barred from military service for some kinds of acne, varicose veins, sleep apnea, and many other medical reasons. Expecting the military to accept individuals with deep identity disorders is delusional.

Remember – Obama waited until his final six months in office to start this process of accepting transgenders into military service. Rather than championing their cause from his first days of his first term, he waited until his second term was at a close to make this controversial move, knowing that if he was succeeded by Hillary Clinton that she would stand behind his actions and fight for transgenders in military service, and that if she didn’t win then Donald Trump would be saddled with the burden of dealing with the issue and the negative press it would generate when he did what any sane leader would do and cancel the process. It was completely political, for political gain, and had no truly noble foundation. It was just more political manipulation, plain and simple.

Trump, when the military asked for more time in addition to the year they had been granted to sort out how they would handle the transgender issue, simply pulled the plug rather than allow a tortured, twisted, rationalized system to be created to accommodate a fringe group. The military exists to kill people and break things, not to serve as a petri dish for social culture experiments.

Also, Trump tweeted his decision. Why? Because he knows the leftist press and the liberal entertainment industry focuses like a laser on fringe issues, and that the Democrats would come running to the defense of the insanity of Obama’s order and everything it represents. He forced them into claiming ownership of a very unpopular issue. And, in doing so, he once again played them like a cheap fiddle.

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