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Charlie Gard: Socialized Medicine’s Failure On Display

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Right now, as you read this, our American government is in the midst of struggling with socialized healthcare for our citizens. You probably know that in spite of seven years of campaigning and promising to repeal the gross error of Obamacare Republicans who now have the power and control to actually do what they’ve been promising are now reneging on that promise. They promised to return your healthcare decisions to you and to get government out of the health insurance business, but they apparently did so because they never thought it would actually come to this moment when they would actually be required to deliver on their campaign promises. And so they are sabotaging what you trusted them to do. They are ignoring you and they are listening to the leftists who believe they are wiser than you and know better how your health care should be managed.

Across the Atlantic in England we are watching the true nature of socialized healthcare in action in the case of little Charlie Gard, the infant who is dying of a rare disorder. The government run healthcare system has made the decision that Charlie should die rather than benefit from possibly beneficial treatment available in the U.S., treatment which is available to them through our generosity and the generosity of other nations. Charlie’s parents’, in agony over their son’s fate, have been stripped of their authority over his life and can only stand by helplessly and watch their child’s life end in a government run hospice facility – they won’t even be allowed to take Charlie home and embrace his last moments in private together because their government has determined that it is wiser and more compassionate than they could possibly be in this case. So we will watch Charlie’s sad story come to an unnecessarily tragic end as potentially beneficial treatment sits unused here in the United States as his tiny body succumbs to the ravages of a treatable disorder in England because his government knows it is best for him to die with dignity rather than have a chance of surviving.

Charlie’s story may soon become your family’s story if we do not repeal Obamacare and prohibit our government from meddling in the healthcare industry. The call for “European style healthcare” in America is getting louder as the ignorant buy into political promises of better care at lower prices – in spite of the fact that neither actually happen under government-run healthcare. Efficiency always drops and costs always rise. Europe’s system has created many stories like Charlie’s, but you don’t hear those stories due to filtering by the leftist press. Long waits for treatment, the dead left on gurneys in hospital hallways, patients drinking water from potted plants because nobody answers their calls for water, doctors leaving the medical profession because government meddling has made it practically impossible to heal without doing harm, etc., etc., etc.

American medicine has been the finest worldwide for quite some time, prompting people to travel from around the globe to come here when they need comprehensive health care because their socialized systems can’t compare. From as close as Canada and as far away as you can find on a map, people who can afford it come here when medicine is truly important. Why would this happen if their healthcare systems produced a quality product or service? It wouldn’t.

When you watch the political theater on display in Washington, as politicians posture and promise and the leftists sing the praises of Obamacare, remember little Charlie Gard and his plight. If we let these weasels get away with socializing our healthcare we will face the same choices as Charlie’s parents some day soon.

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