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UK Stops Sharing Information On Manchester Bombing With US After ‘Irritating’ Leaks

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Leftist “Deep State” insiders embedded over the past eight years of the Obama administration have little to no regard for the importance of security. One example of this disregard is Hillary Clinton, who, regardless of federal regulations forbidding her from doing so, ran her own personal email server which was not properly secured and conducted government business using that email server, placing sensitive State Department communications at risk of being intercepted by hackers/foreign agents. Another is Huma Abedin, who conducted sensitive State Department business on a laptop which wasn’t State Department property, but was used by her pervert husband, Anthony Weiner, who had no security clearance.

Now, with the pain of the Manchester terrorist bombing still fresh in our memory, the latest example of gross disregard for security protocol has raised it’s idiotic head.

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