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SHOW NOTES: Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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   :06  Topic A:   Early Voting…voters remorse?


Early-absentee voters can still change ballots in at least four states

Ballot remorse? You can change your vote in these 4 states

Millions have already cast ballots in the presidential race — but for anyone feeling voter’s remorse, a little-known election-law quirk allows for a do-over in some states.

At least four states allow voters to change or cancel their early-absentee ballots, including battlegrounds Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The details vary from state to state.

In Wisconsin, absentee voters can change their ballots as many as three times before Election Day.

Wisconsin voters have  gone for the Democratic nominee every presidential election year since 1988. This year, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump trails Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the state by roughly 6 percentage points, according to the RealClearPolitics poll average.

But Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy thinks voter concerns about Clinton — including new revelations last week about her ongoing email controversy — might encourage early-absentee voters to change their minds.

“Hard folks on the right and the left are not going to change their mind,” Duffy told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. “But you have these people in the middle who are ping-ponging as the information comes out. … And as they have a gut check … no doubt that’s going to drive them to Donald Trump and put him over the top.”

Wisconsin voters can either request a new, mail-in ballot before 5 p.m. on Nov. 3 or complete a new in-person absentee ballot before 5 p.m. on Nov. 5.

Roughly 22 million Americans have already cast a vote — through a combination of absentee ballots, voting by mail or at the polls.

The 2016 White House race, with seven days remaining, continues to be a close contest between Trump and Clinton, with Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein significantly trailing the two major-party candidates.

Pennsylvania also allows absentee voters to change their mind by voting in person on Nov. 8 Election Day.

“The really important one is Pennsylvania because that is one of the states that Donald Trump says is a must-win for him,” political analyst Erin McPike told Fox News on Tuesday. “That is the real state to watch.”

In Michigan, absentee voters can change their ballots by getting a new one from their local clerk’s office by 4 p.m. on Nov. 7.

The fourth state, Minnesota, has voted for the Democratic nominee every presidential election since 1976.

The state allows absentee voters to change ballots three ways, but the deadline is Tuesday.

They can, after cancelling their ballot, request a new mail-in ballot, vote in person before 5 p.m. on Nov. 7 or vote on Election Day.

           Topic B:  Racist Woodrow Wilson Quotes


#1. “The white men were roused by a mere instinct of self-preservation—until at last there had sprung into existence a great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable empire of the South, to protect the Southern country.”

This quote puts racist ideology on the pedestal Wilson thought it deserved.

#2. “Segregation is not a humiliation but a benefit, and ought to be so regarded by you gentlemen.”

Speaking to protesters of segregated battalions, Wilson’s patronizing words reflect the progressive mentality that government must tell the people how to regard the issues. The protest of the people is just loud ignorance. The military wasn’t desegregated until 1948. Certainly, Wilson set equality back during his presidency and earlier accomplishments for desegregation might have been made if it weren’t for Wilson’s championing it as a benefit to be cherished.

#3. “If the colored people made a mistake in voting for me, they ought to correct it.”

This 1914 New York Times quote firmly establishes Wilson to the modern reader as a smug jerk. Rather than sympathize with black people suffering under his presidency which aimed to hold them back, Wilson joked their problems away.

#5. “[Reconstruction government was detested] not because the Republican Party was dreaded but because the dominance of an ignorant and inferior race was justly dreaded.”

Wilson readily admits that politics weren’t the core issue during post civil war reconstruction. For him, the problem was that people he preferred to define as inferior to whites were “dominating” their way out of slavery.

#6. “Off by themselves with only a white supervisor, blacks would not be forced out of their jobs by energetic white employees.”

Wilson shot off some absurd excuses for segregation. Just as he justified slavery by inventing weird and imaginary benefits, he had his excuses for why segregation was in black Americans’ best interests.

#7. “The whole temper and tradition of the place [Princeton] are such that no Negro has ever applied for admission, and it seems unlikely that the question will ever assume practical form.”

As President of Princeton, long before he became President of the United States, Wilson actively discouraged black people from applying to the University.

#8. “Any man who carries a hyphen about with him carries a dagger that he is ready to plunge into the vitals of this Republic whenever he gets ready.”

Distrust of anyone not originally from the US was encouraged by this progressive icon.

#9. “In the matter of Chinese and Japanese coolie immigration, I stand for the national policy of exclusion. We cannot make a homogenous population out of people who do not blend with the Caucasian race… Oriental Coolieism will give us another race problem to solve and surely we have had our lesson.”

Wilson’s racism extended not only to a perceived “race problem” in the US, but the potential of more of them by the immigration of Asians.

#10. “Now came multitudes of men of the lowest class from the south of Italy, and men of the meaner sort out of Hungary and Poland, men out of the ranks, where there was neither skill nor energy nor any initiative of quick intelligence, and they came in numbers which increased from year to year, as if the countries of the south of Europe were disburdening themselves of the more sordid and hapless elements of their population.”

Wilson’s words attacked the core of our founding principles. Of course the Constitution must change as a living document for Wilson, because in his assessment the constitution was wrong.


Last year, Starbucks started using plain red cups during the Christmas holidays. These were seen by some as a war on Christmas, as they were missing the Christmas trees, snowflakes, ornaments, etc. of the 2014 cup and many previous years. To hopefully avoid another season of bad publicity, yesterday (Tuesday) Starbucks unveiled a new green-colored cup for the holidays. The design on the new cup is a “mosaic of more than a hundred people drawn in one continuous stroke.” Drawn by artist Shogo Ota, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says, “The green cup and the design represent the connections Starbucks has as a community with its employees and customers. During a divisive time in our country, Starbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each other.”

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:22     Topic A: “Keep Me Out Of Jail”  DOJ/Podesta emails


‘Kept me out of jail’: Top DOJ official involved in Clinton probe represented her campaign chairman

The Justice Department official in charge of informing Congress about the newly reactivated Hillary Clinton email probe is a political appointee and former private-practice lawyer who kept Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta “out of jail,” lobbied for a tax cheat later pardoned by President Bill Clinton and led the effort to confirm Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Peter Kadzik, who was confirmed as assistant attorney general for legislative affairs in June 2014, represented Podesta in 1998 when independent counsel Kenneth Starr was investigating Podesta for his possible role in helping ex-Bill Clinton intern and mistress Monica Lewinsky land a job at the United Nations.

“Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail,” Podesta wrote on Sept. 8, 2008 to Obama aide Cassandra Butts, according to emails hacked from Podesta’s Gmail account and posted by WikiLeaks.

Kadzik’s name has surfaced multiple times in regard to the FBI’s investigation of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for using a private, homebrewed server. After FBI Director James Comey informed Congress on Thursday the FBI was reviving its inquiry when new evidence linked to a separate investigation was discovered, congressional leaders wrote to the Department of Justice seeking more information. Kadzik replied.

“We assure you that the Department will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible,” Kadzik wrote on Oct. 31.

The DOJ is responsible for approving the bureau’s warrant applications and ultimately for convening a grand jury.

Fox News has previously confirmed the Justice Department was opposed to Comey making public the latest Clinton revelations.

Kadzik had been an attorney with Dickstein Shapiro LLP for 18 years before he represented Podesta in the Clinton/Lewinsky investigation. He was hired in 2000 as a lobbyist for tax cheat Marc Rich, who was controversially granted a pardon by President Bill Clinton during Clinton’s final days in office. Kadzik got the job “because he was ‘trusted by [White House Chief of Staff John] Podesta,’ and was considered to be a ‘useful person to convey [Marc Rich’s] arguments to Mr. Podesta,’” according to a 2002 House Oversight Committee report.

Peter Kadzik is the Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs at the Department of Justice. (DOJ)

Podesta and Kadzik kept up their relationship after Kadzik was appointed to the DOJ. In a May 5, 2015 email, Kadzik’s son, PJ, wrote to Podesta seeking a job on Hillary Clinton’s newly launched presidential campaign.

“I have always aspired to work on a presidential campaign, and have been waiting for some time now for Hilary [sic] to announce so that I can finally make this aspiration a reality,” PJ Kadzik wrote.

Podesta said he would “check around,” but it’s unclear what came of the request.

Kadzik was also a dinner guest of Podesta and his wife, Mary, on Oct. 23, 2015 – the day after Hillary Clinton testified before the House Benghazi committee, another email shows.

In a separate exchange about another dinner meeting, on Jan. 12, 2016, Kadzik emailed Podesta: “We on?”

Podesta replied, “Yes sorry. 7:30 at our place.”

“Great. C u then,” Kadzik wrote back the next day.

Though he said he has had “many differences” with Kadzik, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R.-S.C., said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that he wasn’t concerned about any potential conflicts of interest.

“Peter Kadzik is not a decision maker, he is a messenger,” Gowdy said.

Kadzik is still a key official in the department. He “led the successful effort to confirm Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates,” according to his DOJ biography. Lynch has come under increased scrutiny since it emerged she met privately with Bill Clinton in the days before the FBI initially said it would not seek to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

           Topic B:   John Podesta: Hillary is “Acting Like a Retard – She Smells Like Boiled Cabbage, Urine & Farts”

According to ClashDaily, newly leaked email from Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta is titled “Hillary actions / unpleasant odor.”

“People tell me that Hillary is acting ‘like a retard’ since her head injury,” wrote Podesta on March 22, 2015. “Frankly, considering her normal behavior, I’m surprised anyone noticed! (this is a joke!) Have someone talk to her doctor and see if there’s anything he can give her.”

“Also, I’ve noticed she’s had an ‘odor’ lately,” he continued. “It reminds me of a combination of boiled cabbage, urine and farts. I’m guessing it’s either connected to her fall or simply the fact that she rarely bathes.”

According to ClashDaily, newly leaked email from Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta is titled “Hillary actions / unpleasant odor.”

“People tell me that Hillary is acting ‘like a retard’ since her head injury,” wrote Podesta on March 22, 2015. “Frankly, considering her normal behavior, I’m surprised anyone noticed! (this is a joke!) Have someone talk to her doctor and see if there’s anything he can give her.”

“Also, I’ve noticed she’s had an ‘odor’ lately,” he continued. “It reminds me of a combination of boiled cabbage, urine and farts. I’m guessing it’s either connected to her fall or simply the fact that she rarely bathes.”

“Outside of encouraging her to take a shower once in a while, I don’t know what to do about this. — any suggestions would be appreciated.”

Well, apparently, Hillary Clinton is just as gross as we all thought!

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:36    Topic A: TSA inspects Texas Pastors Bible


The pastor of a Texas megachurch said he was stunned when a government agent stopped him at a TSA checkpoint so his Bible could be inspected.

“I couldn’t believe it. I literally couldn’t believe it,” said Gene Lingerfelt, the pastor of Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas.

The pastor and his wife were on their way to Cancun for vacation when he was stopped Monday in the TSA Pre-Check line for a “bag check.”

Brief aside: Your friendly neighborhood columnist has TSA Pre-check, too – and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been pulled aside for additional screening. So now we’re literally getting charged to get manhandled by the TSA – although we do get to keep our shoes on.

At first, the pastor was not terribly surprised by the disruption.

“That particular bag was filled with all of my cords – charger cords, computer power cords – in some airports like Heathrow – I always get stopped,” he said.


A father on a flight from Boston to San Francisco Monday evening felt bad that his young daughter had to be on a plane during Halloween night, so he found a way to make it special for the little girl. According to a fellow passenger, the dad passed out candy to all the passengers along with note to explain the gesture: “Happy Halloween! My 3-year-old daughter, Molly, was bummed that she wouldn’t be able to go trick-or-treating this year due to this flight … so I decided to bring trick-or-treating to her. If you are willing, when my little donut comes down the aisle, please drop this in her basket. You’ll be making her Halloween! If you’re unwilling, no worries, just pass the treat back to me. Thanks so much!” Then, he brought his 3-year-old daughter Molly, dressed as a donut, down the aisle to trick-or-treat.

   Topic C: Florida Man Busted For Glass Eye Toss

Cops: Suspect threw his fake left eye at emergency room personnel

Glass Eye Attack

NOVEMBER 1–A Florida man in police custody removed his glass eye and threw it at hospital personnel, according to cops who rearrested the suspect on a felony charge.

Edward Dorsey, 54, was first arrested Sunday morning on a domestic violence charge for allegedly striking his wife during an 8 AM argument in the couple’s Largo home. A police report notes that drugs and alcohol appear to have played a role in the confrontation.

Following the misdemeanor collar, Dorsey was transported to the Largo Medical Center for treatment.

While in the emergency room, Dorsey “removed his glass eye” and then “threw his glass eye at the ER doctor and ER nurse,” a Largo Police Department officer reported.

Before flinging the fake eye, Dorsey was instructed by hospital personnel and a cop “to not take the eye out in the first place.” Dorsey ignored those commands, an arrest affidavit charges, and declared, “I can do whatever I feel like doing.”

The airborne eye does not appear to have caused any injuries, though it is unclear whether the eye hit any hospital workers.

Seen above, the unemployed Dorsey was charged with battery on an emergency medical care provider. He is locked up in the county jail on a combined bond of $30,000.

Jail records indicate that Dorsey has the words “Dorsey Touch” tattooed on his forearm and is “Missing left eye.” (1 page)

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             Topic  A: Texas Mom Shot Dead in front of daughter trying to sell IPHONE


A realtor in Dallas shot and killed in a parking lot as her horrified daughter watched was trying to sell the girl’s iPhone to buyers they’d met on an app, according to a report Tuesday.

The shooting killed 42-year-old Martha Teran at a Medieval Times parking lot Sunday night, Fox 4 reported. A fellow realtor said Teran was new to the business and had planned to move to Louisiana to be closer to her common-law husband.

Teran’s daughter had been trying to sell her iPhone 7 on an app known as OfferUp, relatives told WFAA. The people who claimed they were the buyers shot and killed the mother before escaping, the news station reported.

Family members told WFAA the three suspects had wanted to meet at a different location, but the mother refused. Relatives said there was “little to no communication” before they fired shots.

Police did not initially name any suspects.

“It’s tragic news,” realtor Tom Gilchrist told the news station. “We’re all shocked.”

The woman’s family set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral services.


A college student in Kansas returned to his car to find that somebody had stolen a Kit Kat bar from his cupholder. Kansas State University student Hunter Jobbins left his car for 15 minutes and was shocked – shocked! – when he returned to his vehicle and found a handwritten note on a napkin in place of the stolen candy. The note read: “Saw Kit Kat in your cup holder. I love Kit Kats so I checked your door and it was unlocked,” the note read. “Did not take anything other than the Kit Kat. I am sorry and hungry.” On the bright side, Jobbins’ story eventually reached Kit Kat’s official Twitter page. The company wrote him, “Who steals someones Kit Kat?! WHO DOES THAT?! Shoot us a DM and we’ll replace it for you.”

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Show Prep HOUR TWO

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   :06  Topic A:   Alabama Pipeline Update


Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley declared a state of emergency Tuesday after a gas pipeline explosion killed a worker, injured five others, and sent thick black smoke over a forest in the northern part of the state.

The blast on Monday shut down the pipeline that supplies gasoline to millions of people for the second time in less than two months, raising concerns over possible gas shortages and price hikes.

Bentley’s action means that for the time being, truckers carrying gasoline won’t be subject to the limits on hours they may drive that apply under normal circumstances.

Governors in other states took similar actions after a leak in the Colonial pipeline in Alabama last month led to gasoline shortages across the South, as trucks carrying gasoline help make up some of the shortfall caused by the closed pipeline.

Monday’s explosion unfolded when a track hoe — a machine used to remove dirt — struck the pipeline, igniting gasoline.

The September leak that spilled 252,000 to 336,000 gallons of gasoline occurred not far from the location of Monday’s explosion. That leak led to days of dry pumps and higher gas prices in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas while repairs were made.

The cause of the leak still has not been determined, and the effects of the latest disruption weren’t immediately clear.

Colonial Pipeline, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, operates 5,599 miles of pipelines, transporting more than 100 million gallons daily of gasoline, jet fuel, home heating oil and other hazardous liquids in 13 states and the District of Columbia, according to company filings. Authorities have not said which type of fuel was involved in the explosion Monday.

Plagued by a severe drought after weeks without rain, the section of the state where the explosion happened has been scarred by multiple wildfires in recent weeks, and crews worked to keep the blaze from spreading.

Coleen Vansant, a spokeswoman with the Alabama Forestry Commission, said crews built a 75-foot-long earthen dam to contain burning fuel. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said the blaze had been contained but it was unclear how long the fire may take to burn out.

Two wildfires caused by the explosion burned 31 acres of land, Vansant said.

“We’ll just hope and pray for the best,” Gov. Robert Bentley said in a statement.

Houses around the blast scene were evacuated, and sheriff’s Capt. Jeff Hartley said it wasn’t clear when people might be able to return home.

Eight or nine subcontractors were working on the pipeline when it exploded about 3 p.m. Monday, sheriff’s Maj. Ken Burchfield told Al.com. The conditions of those hurt weren’t immediately known.

“Colonial’s top priorities are the health and safety of the work crew on site and protection of the public,” the company said in a brief statement.


Every year since 1981, Butterball opens up the 24-hour turkey hotline to answer all your turkey emergencies for Thanksgiving. This year, for the first time, the company will be able to handle your questions via text. From November 17 through Thanksgiving on November 24, a 24-hour text line will have experts on hand to answer the tough questions. The traditional talk line is open now and will take calls through December 24.

           Topic C:

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:22     Topic A: Trey Gowdy tells Hillary to stop acting like she doesnt know Huma


Gowdy Tells Hillary to Stop Acting Like She Doesn’t Know Huma

Does it matter whether or not Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “intended” to jeopardize national security? That’s an emphatic “no,” according to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

Gowdy told the “Fox & Friends” anchors Tuesday morning that he “disagreed sharply” with FBI Director James Comey’s decision over the summer to not pursue criminal charges against Clinton because she did not “intend” to place national security at risk.

Congress would not have used the phrase “gross negligence” if they didn’t think intent mattered, Gowdy said. “The intent to harm the country is what we call treason,” he added.

This was just below treason.

He defended Comey, however, after Friday’s announcement that the FBI is reopening the investigation after finding pertinent emails from Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Clinton and her allies have criticized that decision, claiming it was made with political motives in mind.

Gowdy, however, explained why Comey is not to blame for Clinton and her staff’s incompetence.

“He did not tell her to lie,” he said. “He didn’t tell Huma not to turn over her devices. He didn’t tell Weiner to sext with underage girls. So I don’t see how he’s responsible for any of this.”

Comey, the representative explained, has an “obligation” to reopen the investigation, noting he would have been criticized just as much (perhaps more) for sitting on the new evidence until after the election.

Gowdy also responded to Clinton’s attempt to distance herself from Abedin and her emails.

“These are Secretary Clinton’s emails,” Gowdy said. “So she can act like she doesn’t know Huma, but we know better.”

In terms of the investigation, the DOJ told Congress on Monday that they are working “expeditiously” with the FBI to find answers as soon as possible.

           Topic B:   Syrian Refugees, 99% muslim


13,210 Syrian Refugees So Far in 2016; Up 675% from 2015; 99.1% Are Muslims

Millions of Syrians of all religious and ethnic backgrounds have fled their homeland since the civil war erupted in 2011. (AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh)

(CNSNews.com) – The Obama administration has resettled 13,210 Syrian refugees into the United States since the beginning of 2016 – an increase of 675 percent over the same 10-month period in 2015.

Of those, 13,100 (99.1 percent) are Muslims – 12,966 Sunnis, 24 Shi’a, and 110 other Muslims – and 77 (0.5 percent) are Christians. Another 24 (0.18 percent) are Yazidis.

During the Jan.-Oct. period in 2015, 1,705 Syrian refugees were admitted, of whom 1,664 (97.5 percent) were Muslims and 29 (1.7 percent) were Christians.

Meanwhile the surge of Syrian refugee admissions initiated by the administration last February has continued into the new fiscal year, now one month-old: A total of 1,297 were resettled during October – a 593 percent increase over the 187 admitted in October 2015.

October’s arrivals were once again dominated by Sunni Muslims, accounting for 1,263 (97.3 percent) of the total. Another seven were Shi’a Muslims and 12 were other Muslims. The rest of the October intake comprised 15 (1.1 percent) Christians – eight Orthodox, four Catholics and three refugees self-described simply as Christians.

That comes after last fiscal year saw a total of 12,587 Syrian refugees admitted, of whom 12,363 (98.2 percent) were Sunnis, and 68 (0.5 percent) were Christians, according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data.

The rest of the Syrian refugees admitted during FY2016 were 103 other Muslims, 20 Shi’a Muslims, 24 Yazidis, eight refugees with religion given as “other,” and one with “no religion.”

Syrians of all religious and ethnic groups have been victimized in the costly civil war, which has pitted a regime dominated by Allawites – a sect of Shi’a Islam – and its Shi’a allies against mostly Sunni rebel groups. A Sunni-majority population and Christian and other minorities are caught in between, with some supporting warring groups on either side.

But jihadists among the rebels, and especially the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL), have also targeted Christians, Yazidis and other minorities in particular. Last March 17, Secretary of State John Kerry announced, in line with a legislative requirement, that the treatment of Christians and other minorities in areas controlled by ISIS amounts to genocide.

Since that genocide determination, the Obama administration has resettled a total of 12,743 Syrian refugees in the U.S., but only 74 (0.58 percent) of them are Christians, and only 24 (0.18 percent) of them are Yazidis. The vast majority – 12,637, or 99.16 percent – are Muslims, including 12,516 Sunnis.

According to the 1951 Refugee Convention, the five criteria for considering refugee status applications are persecution for reasons of religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group.

Although religious persecution is one of those five official vulnerability criteria, administration officials say the U.S. does not and should not prioritize any particular religious affiliation when considering Syrians’ applications.

When the civil war began in March 2011, an estimated 74 percent of the Syrian population was Sunni Muslim and an estimated 10 percent was Christian.

Therefore if the U.S. admitted Christian Syrian refugees in proportion to the population, roughly 1,260 Christians would have been resettled in the United States in FY2016. Just 68 were.

Estimates of the number of Christians who have fled their country since 2011 vary, but the international Christian charity Barnabas Fund estimated some 600,000 earlier this year, the European Parliament said at least 700,000 had done so, and a Chaldean Catholic bishop from Aleppo last March put the figure at at least one million.

One new report estimates that the Syrian Christian population has dropped from 1.25 million in 2011 to less than 500,000 this year.

The U.S. is not alone in admitting such a small proportion of Christians and Yazidis. Data in Britain, released as a result of a freedom of information request, found that 1.9 percent of 2,659 Syrian refugees resettled there between September 2015 and the end of June this year were Christians, and 0.5 percent were Yazidis.

Then-British Prime Minister David Cameron said last fall Britain would take in 20,000 Syrian refugees.

“Whilst the U.K. government points out that it outsources its selection of vulnerable refugees to the U.N., its toleration of this level of discrimination against some of the most vulnerable people in the world is itself morally wrong,” said the Barnabas Fund when the figures emerged this month.

“For it to tolerate this when Christians and Yazidis are actually facing genocide in Syria and Iraq is a national scandal of historic proportions.”

Like Britain, the U.S. relies largely on the U.N. refugee agency for initial referral of refugee applicants. But advocacy and humanitarian groups say many Syrian Christians fear for their safety in U.N. camps, where accounts of Christians being targeted by Muslim fellow refugees have been recorded.

As a result, many tend to avoid registering with the agency, relying instead on networks of churches or Christian charities in countries surrounding Syria, especially Lebanon.

As a result, many may slip through the cracks when it comes to refugee admission programs in Western nations.

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:36    Topic A: Write In Votes wont count


Your write-in vote for president is meaningless and literally won’t count for anything

John Kasich announced yesterday that he had written-in John McCain for president in the critically important state of Ohio in this year’s presidential election.

You may cynically consider this to be a selfish, preening, meaningless move designed to draw attention to the Governor-turned failed presidential candidate, and according to a new report, you’d be pretty spot-on.

The Associated Press reports that if you decide to join Kasich and write-in the name of John McCain (or, just as meaningfully “Mickey Mouse”) your ballot, literally, won’t count.

The names of write-in candidates often end up being lumped into a single category, unless a write-in hopeful has alerted state election officials or has filled out needed paperwork ahead of time to ensure their ballots are tabulated separately.

In Massachusetts and 33 other states, write-in presidential candidate must fill out paperwork before an election to ensure their ballots are tallied. In a handful of states, write-in voting for presidential candidates is simply not allowed. The remaining states do not require presidential write-in candidates to file special paperwork before the election.

“We generally encourage write-in candidates to notify us they are going to run a write-in campaign because then we’ll notify the clerks to specifically count them,” said Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin. “If people randomly choose to write in a name, it’ll be counted, but it could be counted as ‘other.’”

One added hiccup this election could be voters who write in the name of Trump’s GOP running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, the New Hampshire Republican locked in a tight re-election fight with Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan, has said she’ll do that.

So what to make of Kasich’s vote for McCain? According to Cleveland.com, Kasich, the leader of the Ohio Republican Party and the Chief Executive of the Buckeye state knew his vote was meaningless.

Chris Schrimpf, the governor’s political spokesman, confirmed the write-in vote to cleveland.com and said Kasich voted straight-ticket Republican on the rest of his ballot. Schrimpf added that Kasich was comfortable picking McCain, the 2008 GOP nominee for president, over Trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Libertarian Gary Johnson, a former Republican on the ballot as a nonpartisan candidate.

The vote essentially is a symbolic gesture. Because McCain is not among the 18 certified write-in candidates in Ohio, Kasich’s vote for president will not count.

But the preening GOP also-ran made sure the media knew about his meaningless gesture so that the irrelevant moderate got some more Google hits in the news cycle one week before the presidential election he failed to be a part of.

John Kasich wanted to lead America as our head of state and as the leader of the Executive Branch. He wanted to show how he would be able to stand up to America’s enemies (foreign and domestic) and face-off against his political adversaries in Congress. He attempted to display his ability to face tough moral issues and reach the difficult decisions that – although imperfect – would still benefit the American people for ourselves and our posterity.

The American people rejected him. His churlish, vacuous and self-centered vote demonstrates exactly why.

            Topic B:  Obamacare freakouts


With insurers pulling out of markets, some Obamacare users “really nervous”

Open enrollment for Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, begins today. Problems with the law mean consumers could face significant rate hikes in some parts of the country. There will also be fewer health plans to choose from.

Why Obamacare premiums are rising — and what you can do

Starting today, the administration will make a major enrollment push — but that may be a tough sell in states like Tennessee, which has seen premiums spike more than 50 percent, reports CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan.

For songwriter Wendy Jans and her husband, Eric, life was sailing along until health insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield pulled out of the Obamacare market in Nashville.

Eric, an insurance broker, said he panicked “a little bit.” Most of his 300 clients were covered by Blue Cross.

“Your clients, can they still afford health care?” Brennan asked.

“A lot of them are really nervous right now. Really nervous,” Eric said.

Eric was also paid by Blue Cross, income he has now lost along with his own family’s insurance.

“As of January 1, unless we jump on to something else. … and we’re looking at $750 a month this year to $1,100 next year,” Eric said.

That’s $1,100 for a family of four.

Blue Cross Blue Shield left the Obamacare exchange in three major Tennessee markets citing a loss of $500 million over three years. That leaves 73 of the state’s 95 counties with only one insurer — and average premiums up more than 50 percent. Other major insurers including Aetna, UnitedHealth and Humana have also exited markets in other states.

One key reason: not enough young, healthy people signed up to offset the sicker population, leading to losses for insurers.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell argues that the problems are fixable.

She points to Obamacare’s successes: 20 million people have health insurance today who didn’t before the law was passed. The uninsured rate is now the lowest ever.

To improve the market — and lure back insurers — the administration hopes to enroll nearly 14 million more people. They’re aggressively targeting millennials.

“But do you expect those insurance providers that have pulled out to come back?” Brennan asked.

“You know, I think a number of them will. I think a number of them will over time as they look and see what happens in the marketplace,” Burwell said.

“Any promises in the new year that any of them will rejoin the market?” Brennan asked.

“You know, at this point, I don’t think any of them have made those kinds of decisions,” Burwell responded.

Burwell said most Americans can get a plan for $75 or less a month, especially if they’re low income. They’ve launched a social media campaign to target community college students, recent immigrants and freelancers.

            Topic C:

:46   Tease:____________Start bed, pitch to sports

             Topic  A: Michelle Obama deletes Hillary twitter


Michelle Obama has scrubbed all references to Hillary Clinton from both of her Twitter accounts as news breaks that Clinton is under two different FBI investigations involving four FBI offices.

The @FLOTUS account has been wiped clean of all traces of Hillary, and @MichelleObama, a verified page with almost six million followers, has been scrubbed all the way back to 2013.

Is Michelle performing a last minute tidy up, clearing out the clutter before the dumpster fire of the Democratic campaign finally burns out?

Bernie Sanders has also begun to change his tune. A Twitter post today sure didn’t sound like it was referring to Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders

Now is the time for our next president to rally people against Wall Street and corporate greed and stand up for the declining middle class.

3:06 PM – 30 Oct 2016

  1,842 1,842 Retweets   5,739 5,739 likes

Bernie was asked by a supporter about the write-in thing – and his response might surprise you. “If you want to write me in here [Vermont], I think it’s fine.”

             Topic B: DiCaprio Global Warming documentary failure


Dismal ratings for DiCaprio’s Global Warming Epic ‘Before the Flood’ – beaten by ‘Bubble Guppies’

The weekend ratings are out, and they aren’t good news for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Global Warming Epic ‘Before the Flood‘, which we reviewed yesterday on WUWT. Showbuzz Daily has listed the top 150 TV and Cable programs for the weekend, and in ‘the hottest year ever’, discussing the ‘most important topic ever’, Before the Flood came in at #61 for the weekend.

Ironically, the kids show “Bubble Guppies” beat it at #53. Ouch.

Perhaps this snoozer didn’t do so well because of the stellar cast of characters?

I mean, who wouldn’t want to tune in and have a jet-setting actor-millionaire, a government handout beneficiary, a Pope, the globe-trotting Secretary of State, the lame-duck president, the ‘Horndog-in-Chief” and the leader of the U.N. come on for 96 minutes and berate you for doing things like driving your car, eating hamburgers, and just not caring enough about the planet like they do while looking down on us from their private planes?

This review on IMDB, says it all:

Al Gore says it’s so and therefore it is?

Basically DeCaprio was told by Al Gore (who has made a hundred millions of dollars by preaching global warming after he retired from political life, gained a bunch of weight and had nothing to do) that anthropological global warming is real, and from that point onward DeCaprio was convinced. LOL! Then DeCaprio presents the ole “97% of scientists” lie that has traveled around the world. In reality 66% of scientists have no opinion about AGW — Those opinions were conveniently thrown out of the messaged John Cook study. Then DeCaprio presents cherry picked anecdotal evidence, without ever questioning whether it’s a case of Texas Sharpshooting. Why didn’t he present the Vostok Station / Greenland ice core data to put the last 100 years IN PERSPECTIVE versus the last 5,000 years, 11,000 years and 420,000 years? And if he’s such a big fan of anecdotal evidence over temperature data then why didn’t he mention that Greenland used to be green? That 20,000 years ago New York was covered by a mile thick glacier? Why didn’t DeCaprio interview Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, who is not part of “Big Oil” and doesn’t buy into AGW? Because DeCaprio suffers from confirmation bias. The rest of this propaganda piece (I mean movie) continues under the ASSUMPTION that humans are causing the planet to warm and we all need to agree to tax ourselves more. No thanks.

Here’s the trailer, you can count how many times smokestacks (venting steam), gas flaring, and other images of petro-doom are presented.

57:50 Tease:________________

Show Prep HOUR Three

:05 Weather bed, with sponsor and pitch to wx. After wx do current conditions

   :06  Topic A:   Hillary acts like a retard and smells like cabbage, urine, farts


John Podesta: Hillary is “Acting Like a Retard – She Smells Like Boiled Cabbage, Urine & Farts”

According to ClashDaily, newly leaked email from Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta is titled “Hillary actions / unpleasant odor.”

“People tell me that Hillary is acting ‘like a retard’ since her head injury,” wrote Podesta on March 22, 2015. “Frankly, considering her normal behavior, I’m surprised anyone noticed! (this is a joke!) Have someone talk to her doctor and see if there’s anything he can give her.”

“Also, I’ve noticed she’s had an ‘odor’ lately,” he continued. “It reminds me of a combination of boiled cabbage, urine and farts. I’m guessing it’s either connected to her fall or simply the fact that she rarely bathes.”

According to ClashDaily, newly leaked email from Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta is titled “Hillary actions / unpleasant odor.”

“People tell me that Hillary is acting ‘like a retard’ since her head injury,” wrote Podesta on March 22, 2015. “Frankly, considering her normal behavior, I’m surprised anyone noticed! (this is a joke!) Have someone talk to her doctor and see if there’s anything he can give her.”

“Also, I’ve noticed she’s had an ‘odor’ lately,” he continued. “It reminds me of a combination of boiled cabbage, urine and farts. I’m guessing it’s either connected to her fall or simply the fact that she rarely bathes.”

“Outside of encouraging her to take a shower once in a while, I don’t know what to do about this. — any suggestions would be appreciated.”

Well, apparently, Hillary Clinton is just as gross as we all thought!

           Topic B:  Youtube censors video on Left Wing Censorship


YouTube Censors Video on … Left-Wing Censorship

What do you suppose happens on YouTube to a video that is a “discourse on the First Amendment and the tactics that progressives are using to limit speech and political engagement by conservatives”? Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, it falls victim to an algorithm with absolutely no sense of irony.

A video titled “The Dark Art of Political Intimidation” was posted last week by WSJ columnist Kimberly Strassel as a PragerU lecture. “Within several hours of PragerU posting the video,” said a WSJ editorial, YouTube placed it in ‘restricted mode,’ making it inaccessible to schools, libraries and young Americans whose parents have enabled YouTube technology filters.”

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager’s idea for PragerU is to give students alternative, non-progressive takes on history, civics and other issues. Of the 100+ PragerU videos, YouTube restricted 18 of them, even though there’s no cursing, no violence or any kind of indecency in any of them.

What the videos have done is run afoul of progressive orthodoxy. YouTube told WSJ that “video restrictions are decided by an ‘algorithm’ that factors in ‘community flagging’ and ‘sensitive content.’” In other words, the algorithm was tripped by progressives trying to limit speech and political engagement by conservatives. Flag a video enough times and the restrictions kick in. Do it often enough and YouTube is your safe space. Extra points for flagging videos that accuse the left of doing exactly what you’re doing.

Unless the WSJ gives YouTube a headache about the system, which it did in the case of Strassel’s video. YouTube lifted the restriction over the weekend.

           Topic C: Patient burns in fire caused by fart during surgery


:16   Tease______________________________

:22     Topic A: Scumbag Eric Holder condemns Comey



Holder, a globalist puppet, continues to tow the line for the establishment

“I fear he has unintentionally and negatively affected public trust in both the Justice Department and the FBI,” Holder wrote in an op-ed in The Washington Post published late Sunday.

Holder should know, as one of the most scandal-ridden attorney generals in history, he was a huge part of the erosion of the public’s trust in government.

           Topic B:   Stealing the vote



Vote fraud expert Bev Harris exposes electronic voting machines

Okay. She finally did it. On Monday, Bev Harris (blackboxvoting.org), the great investigator of vote fraud, appeared on the Alex Jones show and laid it all out. The GEMS vote-fraud system, “fraction magic,” the way the vote is being stolen. Not just in theory, but in fact. Listen to the whole interview and get the word out. Bev’s findings are staggering. Below the video is the original piece I did on this earlier this month.

High Alert: the election can still be rigged

Votes counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers

…[A]mazingly, the vote-rigging system it describes has not gotten widespread attention. The system can be used across the entire US.

As we know, there are a number of ways to rig an election. Bev Harris, at blackboxvoting.org, is exploring a specific “cheat sheet” that has vast implications for the Trump vs. Hillary contest.

It’s a vote-counting system called GEMS.

I urge you to dive into her multi-part series, Fraction Magic (Part-1 here). Here are key Harris quotes. They’re all shockers:

“Our testing [of GEMS] shows that one vote can be counted 25 times, another only one one-thousandth of a time, effectively converting some votes to zero.”

“This report summarizes the results of our review of the GEMS election management system, which counts approximately 25 percent of all votes in the United States. The results of this study demonstrate that a fractional vote feature is embedded in each GEMS application which can be used to invisibly, yet radically, alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages to redistribute votes. This tampering is not visible to election observers, even if they are standing in the room and watching the computer. Use of the decimalized vote feature is unlikely to be detected by auditing or canvass procedures, and can be applied across large jurisdictions in less than 60 seconds.”

“GEMS vote-counting systems are and have been operated under five trade names: Global Election Systems, Diebold Election Systems, Premier Election Systems, Dominion Voting Systems, and Election Systems & Software, in addition to a number of private regional subcontractors. At the time of this writing, this system is used statewide in Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Utah and Vermont, and for counties in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. It is also used in Canada.”

“Instead of ‘1’ the vote is allowed to be 1/2, or 1+7/8, or any other value that is not a whole number.”

“Weighting a race [through the use of GEMS] removes the principle of ‘one person-one vote’ to allow some votes to be counted as less than one or more than one. Regardless of what the real votes are, candidates can receive a set percentage of votes. Results can be controlled. For example, Candidate A can be assigned 44% of the votes, Candidate B 51%, and Candidate C the rest.”

“All evidence that [rigged] fractional values ever existed [in the GEMS system] can be removed instantly even from the underlying database using a setting in the GEMS data tables, in which case even instructing GEMS to show the [rigged] decimals will fail to reveal they were used.”

“Source code: Instructions to treat votes as decimal values instead of whole numbers [i.e., rigging] are inserted multiple times in the GEMS source code itself; thus, this feature cannot have been created by accident.”

A contact who, so far, apparently wishes to remain anonymous states the following about the history of the GEMS system:

“The Fractional vote [rigging] portion traces directly to Jeffrey W. Dean, whose wife was primary stockholder of the company that developed GEMS. He ran the company but was prohibited from handling money or checks due to a criminal conviction for computer fraud, for which he spent 4 years in prison. Almost immediately after being released from prison he was granted intimate access to elections data and large government contracts for ballot printing and ballot processing.”

I see no effort on the part of the federal government, state governments, or the mainstream press to investigate the GEMS system or respond to Bev Harris’ extensive analysis.

It’s not as if media outlets are unaware of her. From shesource.org, here is an excerpt from her bio:

“Harris has been referred to as ‘the godmother’ of the election reform movement. (Boston Globe). Vanity Fair magazine credits her with founding the movement to reform electronic voting. Time Magazine calls her book, Black Box Voting, ‘the bible’ of electronic voting… Harris’s investigations have led some to call her the ‘Erin Brockovich of elections.’ (Salon.com)… Harris has supervised five ‘hack demonstrations’ in the field, using real voting machines. These have been covered by the Associated Press, the Washington Post, and in formal reports by the United States General Accounting Office…”

So far, her analysis of GEMS seems to be labeled “too hot to handle.” Press outlets prefer to report the slinging of mud from both Presidential candidates’ camps. Meanwhile, the actual results of the coming elections—including Congressional races—appear to be up for grabs, depending on who controls GEMS.

Update: From what I understand, each state government appoints a “consultant” to manage GEMS on election night. That person would be capable of rigging the vote.

:29  Tease:____________________Pitch to News

:36    Topic A: Scientist discover “Jacuzzi of Death” under Gulf of Mexico


Scientists recently discovered a secret, otherworldly “brine pool” at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. But while it might look enticing and magical, you definitely don’t want to go scuba diving in it.

“It’s warm, but super-salty,” biogeochemist Scott Wankel told the science website Seeker, adding that its 65-degree temperature often lures poor, unsuspecting crabs and other bottom feeders looking for food. “When they fall in, they die and get pickled and preserved.”

The so-called “Jacuzzi of despair” — located 3,300 feet underwater — is a surprisingly pretty “living mat of bacteria and salt deposits.” The water contained within the brine pool’s perimeter is about four to five times saltier than the surrounding gulf, creating a killer solution that forms an “underwater cauldron of toxic chemicals,” including methane gas and hydrogen sulfide.

In fact, the only organisms that can withstand such noxious conditions are bacteria, tube worms and shrimp

Yet scientists are hoping that by studying the kinds of organisms that thrive in this habitat, they can learn about life on other planets.

“There [are] a lot of people looking at these extreme habitats on Earth as models for what we might discover when we go to other planets,” Temple University’s Erik Cordes, one of the scientists who discovered the site, told Seeker. “The technology development in the deep sea is definitely going to be applied to the worlds beyond our own.”

Plus, it’s really cool.

“It was one of the most amazing things in the deep sea,” said Cordes. “You go down into the bottom of the ocean and you are looking at a lake or a river flowing. It feels like you are not on this world.”

  Topic B:  Program teaching Millenials to grow up


This Portland program teaches millennials how to grow up

PORTLAND, Maine — Thirty-five people gathered at a popular Portland bistro on a recent weeknight to learn how to talk…

            Topic C:

:46   Tease:____________Start bed, pitch to sports


Topic  A: Homeowners twice as house rich as 5 years ago


America’s housing market is heating up again, fortifying the finances of current homeowners and frustrating potential first-time buyers.

After hitting bottom in 2012, home prices took off dramatically before leveling off a bit in mid-2014. In the last two months, though, they turned higher again. The amount of equity homeowners now have — the value outside their mortgage debt — has doubled in the last five years, according to CoreLogic.

The latest read on September home prices showed a 6.3 percent annual gain, a touch bigger than August and a clear sign that prices are heating up again after cooling through much of spring and summer.

“Home-equity wealth has doubled during the last five years to $13 trillion, largely because of the recovery in home prices,” said Frank Nothaft, chief economist for CoreLogic. “Nationwide during the past year, the average gain in housing wealth was about $11,000 per homeowner, but with wide geographic variation.”

All real estate is local, and while most states show gains in home values, the variance is wide. Connecticut and Alaska are the only states seeing annual price declines. For Connecticut, it is jobs plain and simple. The loss of major employers there, like General Electric’s decision to move its headquarters to Boston, have hit the housing market hard.

Other states, like Arkansas, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Maine and Maryland, are barely in the black. On the flip side, as tech companies flee California, nearby states like Washington and Oregon are seeing double-digit home price gains, with Colorado and Utah not far behind.

Homeowners today show more wealth on paper, but they are not extracting it at nearly the rate they did during the last housing boom. Near-record-low mortgage rates have certainly prompted thousands of borrowers to refinance and lower their monthly payments, but a very small share have extracted cash in these refinances and home equity lines of credit (HELOC).

“That weakness of active home equity withdrawal looks in large part to reflect tight credit conditions. Although lenders have reported loosening lending standards for HELOCs in each of the past 15 quarters, that easing has been modest compared to the conventional mortgage market,” wrote Matthew Pointon, property economist with Capital Economics. “Indeed, median credit scores for new HELOC originations have not declined at all over the past couple of years, despite the serious delinquency rate on those loans dropping to its lowest since records began in 2008.”

So homeowners get richer, and those trying to become homeowners have to face not just higher prices, but a severe lack of homes for sale, especially at the entry level. There is clearly demand, just not enough supply.

“After all, measures of home purchase sentiment are elevated, and there is evidence that first-time buyers are making a welcome return to the market,” added Pointon.

They are returning, but still not hitting their historically normal share of homebuyers. While the National Association of Realtors reported a jump in first-time buyers in September sales, other measures show they have been dropping pretty steadily from a high of 40 percent in May to 34.8 percent in September, according to Campbell/Inside Mortgage Finance. That was the lowest level recorded since April 2014.

The slowdown in first-time buyers is likely due to higher home prices. First-time buyers are much more price-sensitive than the rest of the market, and they are also more limited in credit availability.

Housing affordability is now below average in half of the nation’s top 20 metropolitan markets, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting. These include Denver, Houston, Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee.

“This means that they are at high risk of a sharp price correction whenever the next recession hits,” the Burns researchers said.

             Topic B:

57:50 Tease:________________

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